Payment Options for Care


Dental Care is a Solid Investment in Your Health and Well-Being

Fact: Just like any other medical problem, undetected dental problems can grow into major, expensive ordeals.

We recommend a dental exam at least twice a year. Spending just $100-$200 on a check-up could save you thousands in the long-term. A simple check-up might even save your life if you have something serious, such as oral cancer.

Fact: In times of stress, such as in today’s difficult economy, you need to take especially good care of your health.

Did you know that stress can have an impact on your dental health? Or that your dental health has a direct effect on the health of the rest of your body? Regular dental care improves your health, lowers your stress level and helps you maintain that vital positive attitude.

Fact: Looks do count!

We have all been told not to judge a book by its cover, but in today’s competitive, visual culture, a great smile is a professional asset. Whether the problem is unhealthy gums, or just stained, yellow teeth, Dr. Howard can help you make that all-important great first impression and give you the confidence you need to function at your optimum level. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about vanity, it can be an investment.

Affording Dental Treatment

Everyone has concerns over the cost of their dental care. There are two keys to making dental care affordable:

  • Have regular check-ups. Fix problems while they are still small, before they become major expenses.
  • Make Dr. Howard a partner in planning your basic dental care. Dr. Howard has been successfully creating treatment strategies tailored to each patient’s specific needs, including financial, for over 30 years.

With regular check-ups and clear, open communication about your needs, you can take good care of your teeth, your health and your bank balance. We realize that every person’s financial situation is different. All fees will be discussed prior to any treatment with respect for your home budget. Our goal is to help you become as healthy as you choose.

Our Mission is to serve our patients providing the highest quality dental care. Our goal is for you to feel in control of the timing and budget for your dental care.