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Teeth do not always need to be replaced when damaged, however. Some teeth can be repaired with porcelain veneers, which allows the teeth to be filled in and reshaped. This procedure is fairly common and can be used to repair teeth with chips or ones that have been damaged by cavities. There is virtually no amount of damage that a cosmetic dental procedure cannot fix. Not only can teeth be repaired, but they can be repaired to be just as strong as natural teeth.

There are numerous dental procedures which people can undertake to fix their smile. So if you have been embarrassed about your smile, there is no longer a reason to simply deal with the problem. Yellowed teeth can be whitened and damaged teeth can be repaired. Even the most damaged or ruined set of teeth can be turned into a bright white smile with straight teeth. While many surgeries are needed to correct problems that cause pain or discomfort, Cosmetic Dentist surgeries can help restore a person’s confidence in their smile. Smiling is something that everyone should be happy to do. With some simple Cosmetic Dentists procedures, there is no reason that someone with bad teeth cannot be happy to smile again.

So when we have helped you with your smile, we hope when asked “Nice smile-who’s your dentist!” You will say Kent Howard Dentistry in the Round.

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