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I came to Dr. Howard five years ago after years of dental neglect due to dental abuse. I was terrified of dentist at the time and Dr. Howard with his caring and gentle style changed all of that while he and his referral team completed two crowns, two implants, and numerous corrections to the previous inferior work of other dentists. His lab constructed two perfect implant caps that were supposed to be in an iffy area at best…they created two absolutely beautiful caps that have yet to present even a hint of a problem…even with the iffy prognosis. I would AND have recommend Dr. Howard too many friends and family members, all of which have reported back with the same stellar results. GENTLE DENTISTRY AT ITS FINEST!!!

Dr. Howard and staff were recommended by a friend and I could not have found a better dental office.Dr. and snd staff are very caring and a very professional and a pain free dental appointment. I felt very well cared for and will refer this office to my friends and family.

Dr. Howard and his staff has been my dentist since I moved back to Encinitas.  Historically, I have been lucky that my teeth have had little need other than cleaning (Which Dr. Howard’s people do an excellent job of).  This year I needed a needed rework of fillings I had 25 years ago.  6 filling, two visits, no pain.  Dr. Howard is the best at minimizing the discomfort of dentistry